Martin O'Neill: one loss, one win, one season? Forest Ramble Podcast EXTRA, January 2019

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In this Forest Ramble Podcast Extra, your intrepid reporters consider the romantic appointment of Martin O’Neill, and his prospects of being the Reds manager this time next year (don’t say you hadn’t thought about it).

With a defensive crisis to manage, O’Neill had stumbled into a disappointing defeat and bugbears about his tactical approach against Brizzle City (funny that, when so many people were lamenting Karanka not playing 4-4-2). However, this was followed by an encouraging win and performance against Wigan Athletic.

A windswept Baz, speaking before the Wigan game, sounded pessimistic about Forest’s prospects for the rest of this season, and the style of play under MON. However, the Maradona Of The Midlands and Steven were both more positive, perhaps buoyed by the weekend’s victory.

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