Diff'rent Strokes: Forest Ramble Podcast, November 2017

A Hallowe'en horror show saw the Royals rip the Reds apart, ending a mixed month for Mark Warburton, and adding to the fears of the fickle Forest fans. We also have reaction as the Kings of Nottingham take apart Queen's Park Rangers in November's Forest Ramble Podcast. 

Rich Ferraro is joined by Steven Toplis and Baz Eighteensixtyfive to review a mixed bag of results at the City Ground, and hot on the heels of the QPR result, we look at some of the positives and signs that the Warburton way may bear fruit.

November's podcast also features contributions from the Maradona Of The Midlands and Jeremy Davies, with the Forest Ramble Sketch - and listen out for the bonus out-take at the end.

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